Welcome to the finals! The finals are accessible only to the 10 best teams from the Qualifiers. They take place at the Proximus Towers, between 8h40 and 17h. The winners will receive prizes from Proximus, Thales, NVISO, EY. Replace every occurrence of challenges.urlab.be with

Rank Team Affiliation Score Last validation
1 BackToor Master in Cyber Security @ULB 2345 2 years ago
2 RGC Master in Computer Science @VUB 2045 2 years ago
3 Nova-FFT Master Polytech @ULB 1605 2 years ago
4 Muffin killer Master in Cyber Security @ULB 1275 2 years ago
5 S7uxK13773 Master in Cyber Security @ULB 1195 2 years ago
6 _ Master in Cyber Security @ULB 975 2 years ago
7 Multidesk Bachelier en Informatique @ULB 945 2 years ago
8 Secure Monkeys Master in Cyber Security @ULB 775 2 years ago
9 Fluidité Master en Informatique @ULB,Bachelier en Informatique @ULB 675 2 years ago
10 丌口囗乃 Bachelier en Informatique @ULB,Other 425 2 years ago